Thursday, June 23, 2011

On my mind today...

• I don’t like the word “hate”. I don’t like using it... It feels like bad karma, but I really hate rushing against time!

• Step 1: Girlfriend + boyfriend (NO SEX); Step 2: Engagement (NO SEX); Step 3: Wedding (and all of a sudden... A LOT OF SEX); Step 4: Kids... Who said that this is the “right” order for things to happen? And if you do dare to step our of this order... BAD PERSON! YOU ARE GOING TO HELL! How sad! (Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest... Phew!)

• I love downloading free stuff!!! Oooo...

• Squirrels are so cute!


Some days you wake up and think, a new day, just another, normal, new day...

Luckily, I’m one of those people who tries to live everyday at its fullest. Some days I feel a bit frustrated because I feel like people around me restrict me from achieving this mission and it really upsets me. Just to put it clearly.... It’s not like I wake up every morning and feel like I need to change the world... or my world.

Luckily I have a few friends who share the same passions. I feel that it is very important to spend time with these individuals – to enrich my life... Leaving me satisfied without really doing much at the end of the day.

Saturday was one of those days. It started with sleeping a little late... Well, till 11:00. I know, that’s bad, but I felt like I needed it. (And I am doing this, because, one day when we have kids there will be no sleeping late for years!!!) Then I met Joni in town for lunch (at an awesome little restaurant, but that is a whole other story).

After lunch we went to the Iziko Gallery to view some Tretchikoff... The People’s Painter. O my goodness, his art is fantastic, vibrant and so colourfull. Especially the paintings of Lenka really intrigued me. I want to know more about their history together. One can feel his passion he had for her through his paintings. He must have been more than just mesmerised by her beauty. Other favorites are: Lady from Orient, The Chinese Girl, Balinese Girl, Self Portrait, Blue Monday and Rainy Day... And he mastered the water drop! So my next gift to myself will be the biography of this wonderful artist.

And after every visit to an art gallery with an exceptional exhibition, I feel like I want to repaint the world. This really inspired me so I tackled a painting (of a spitfire airoplane) I started in 2004 already and miraculously finished it within 3 hours!!! Does this make any sense? I leave a painting for 7 years and then finish it in 3 hours time! Well, all I needed was a little drop of Tretchikoff colour in my life.

“Express your passion.
Do what you love.
No matter what.”

The birth of another little monster!

My new favorite mug!

Friday, June 17, 2011

To my dad...

On my mind today...

• I feel inspired to start, yet another, new painting.
• I also want another tattoo – but sharing a “friendship tattoo” with a very special friend... Anyone keen?
• I wonder if I’ll ever regret any of my tattoo’s?
• Who cares! Just imagine Bianca in an old age home! Rocking!
• I love kitsch and cool drinking glasses. 80’s prints are the best!
• I miss my friend René and hope she’s having a wonderful time.
• Will my first child be a boy?
• I love the name Elliot.
• I crave expensive pizza – Mama Roma makes awesome pizza… everything fresh and delish!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Time to celebrate!

For my 31st Birthday, I invited all my special friends to a tea party – of course there was a delectable selection of sweet treats and scrumptious cakes. Estelle and I baked yummy cupcakes... she stirred the cake mix... the oven did the baking... and as for me, I did what I love best – decorating cupcakes! Sprinkles, candy, hearts, silver beads, glitter... The list is endless and obviously I have to use them all!

I felt so spoilt, blessed and loved. All the hugs, kisses and gifts. Thank you my dearest friends and family, for making my day extra special!

I love cake

Friday, June 3, 2011

Thank you!

What is it about a gift? Or rather, what is a real gift?

It doesn’t really matter what it is, it doesn’t even matter how big or small – whether it’s wrapped in old newspaper or expensive shiny stuff, which I would probably keep to use again… And a gift is realising that you have a great friend... The spiritual satisfaction of being someone’s true friend... But that is a topic, for another day...

What I really want to say is... Ok yes, I’ll admit, I love gifts. It doesn’t matter if I give or receive, both are very rewarding. BUT my favorite is receiving something that someone lovingly and thoughtfully made. So, thank you Lizl, you brighten my day every time I look at my very colourfull (just how I like it), very awesome ring. It inspires me more to wear extremely bright nail polish...

Aah, the small things in life :)

Fly with me...