Thursday, May 5, 2011


I don’t know if you get something like the “baking bug”... But if you do, I think it bit me... More than once. But knowing myself, I know it won’t last very long. As soon as I get tired of doing too much dishes I start wondering what my hands would look like when I am over 50... A very scary thought!

Well, all I can say is... I am super proud of myself and it makes an awesome breakfast! Yummy!!!


Justin, one of our dear friends, came to visit us over the Easter weekend. Sarel is not into shopping at all, but Justin and I really needed some retail therapy and sight seeing. On a “school evening” and all... Sarel missed out on a joyride on the big wheel in die V & A Waterfront. What fun!!! And Justin, thank you for being a super-cool-fun-friend. We miss you!

My desk at work...

Yes, I do agree that you should always surround you with images of things and of people you love :) Looking at these everyday, really makes my workload lighter.