Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Little toes...

Isn't this adorable! The picture of Mischa’s little toes is my favourite. 
This makes me look forward to having my own children.

Pictures taken by Mischa's mother, one of my best friends, Rozanne. You have talent girl!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New pet....

Don't worry... It only lasted a day. This is a Cape Dwarf Chameleon and apparently quite rare! After a bit of research and a phone call or two, I decided to take it back to where I found it...

Full spectrum lighting is essential... Sorry buddy, our wedding is taking ALL our money!


You need to provide them with water by misting their enclosure 3 times a day... Nope, I am not even ready for children! (And I have a full time job!)


They eat crickets, mealworms, wax worms, flies, silk worms, moths AND you need to dust the food items with calcium powder. You have to feed them by hand so you know that they are eating... 
I don’t think I need to know any thing more than this “HOW NOT TO KILL MY CHAMELEON” tips... 
I KNOW he will be better off in the garden.   

(Libre took this lovely picture!)

Mommy, we want to eat...

...your flip-flops !!!  

New ribbon!!! ...New brooches!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Friday Libré and I visited the SPCA in Stellenbosch... that was a first – oh my goodness, what an experience! 

Sad and emotionally overwhelming, but I strangely felt surrounded with love... Animal love. Obviously animals have a lot of love to share, but I guess I didn’t realize how unconditionally they share that precious love. Circumstance doesn’t determine whether they give love or not... That is the extremely sad part... Sad that there are people out there who find it so easy to abuse animals. And even though the poor little innocent bundles of love went through something horrible, their eyes are still filled with love without limit. Their eyes beg you to take them home just to be with someone they can love. 

I really felt the need to take (another!) pet home, but I know that 2 dogs, 2 cats and a budgie is enough for now. Maybe I will change my mind in a weeks time... When it comes to me and animals, you never know... He he!  

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010


A combination of semi-precious stones, crystals, ribbon and a felt brooch. Carla will be selling these at the Stellenberg Christmas Gift Market, so keep your fingers crossed that this will be the start of something big! 

Monday, October 11, 2010

A lot of "firsts"

This weekend I did a lot of things I have NEVER done before... 1. I baby sat for one of my best friends... 2. I changed a poop diaper!!! 3. I cut my friends’ fringe and it looks pretty cool! 4. I got sick on the side of the road... Stomach bug galore!!! 5. I felt the extreme urge to punch an extremely stupid guy in the face, but I didn’t do it Not like I ever will... 6. I won a game of pool, and... 7. I played one game of darts AND won!!! 

So after all of this, I feel like I am almost ready to have my own children, but the giving birth part is still something I don’t really feel like going through, especially if the cramps feel like the ones I had just before I got sick. Secondly, I am so grateful for having Sarel as my soon to be husband, because I realized (again) that there are a bunch of silly, silly, super silly guys out there... O my hat! Thirdly, I think I have a little bit of ball sense... He-he. 

Photo of Mischa watching The Little Mermaid.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Carli's first birthday

Carli invited us to her first birthday party on Saturday morning. It was great spending some time with our friends and their little ones. And it made me wonder if we will ever have enough energy to have our own children. What if we get a little hyper-active monster? I guess monster is not the right word to use, but you know what I mean... Looking at these photographs, I feel relieved because I know that Sarel will be the best dad in the world! 

Our Wedding Photographer!!!

Marchand de Goede is one of our very special, close friends, and because he will be our wedding photographer, I spent some time looking at the photographs on his website. His incredible talent for capturing the perfect moment always strikes me and I can’t help but look forward to see what our wedding photos will look like! The photograph of Amelie’s little toes is my favorite, it actually brings tears to my eyes... Incredible!!! Things like these makes me extremely excited about our wedding day. I can’t freaken wait!!!