Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My new hobby...

Nappy cakes for baby showers!!!

Mother's Day

Before I had the privilege of being a mother, I always wondered what my first MotherDay would be like.

Would I be spoilt with flowers, a card or a little gift? And, as I am writing about all these materialistic things, I feel a bit ashamed to think that it even crossed my mind... 

At the end of the day, the flowers will die, the card will be tossed in a drawer somewhere and forgotten. As for the gift lets face it, the gift will be something you do not really need or want and these materialistic gestures will soon be forgotten long after a day which was supposed to be an extremely special day. 

Thanks to a very special friend, we had the privilege of spending our MotherDay morning with lovely elderly women at a local old age home... We baked them cakes, made tea and just sat there, chatting to as many old people we possibly could. Although I found it extremely emotional, I have to admit that I haven't had such a satisfying day in years! Words cannot explain how grateful these lovely ladies were. To think, it might have been some of their last MotherDays that they could have spent with a loved one. All they wanted was a hug, and some conversation, even though it was from a complete stranger.

So thank you Lynn - you had this brilliant idea, and I am so grateful that you invited me! 
You gave me the most special first MotherDay gift ever. 
Absolutely priceless and unforgettable!

And now, I wonder how my last Mother’s Day would be. Will I be stuck in an old age home
Or, will my family make time for me and spoil me with love?