Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010


A combination of semi-precious stones, crystals, ribbon and a felt brooch. Carla will be selling these at the Stellenberg Christmas Gift Market, so keep your fingers crossed that this will be the start of something big! 

Monday, October 11, 2010

A lot of "firsts"

This weekend I did a lot of things I have NEVER done before... 1. I baby sat for one of my best friends... 2. I changed a poop diaper!!! 3. I cut my friends’ fringe and it looks pretty cool! 4. I got sick on the side of the road... Stomach bug galore!!! 5. I felt the extreme urge to punch an extremely stupid guy in the face, but I didn’t do it Not like I ever will... 6. I won a game of pool, and... 7. I played one game of darts AND won!!! 

So after all of this, I feel like I am almost ready to have my own children, but the giving birth part is still something I don’t really feel like going through, especially if the cramps feel like the ones I had just before I got sick. Secondly, I am so grateful for having Sarel as my soon to be husband, because I realized (again) that there are a bunch of silly, silly, super silly guys out there... O my hat! Thirdly, I think I have a little bit of ball sense... He-he. 

Photo of Mischa watching The Little Mermaid.