Thursday, February 24, 2011

In love...

I took some photographs of Sarel while he was having a cigarette. He was so drawn into the book he was paging through; he didn’t even take notice of me. It was really cool and gave me a chance to take the time to examine him through my 300mm lens.

Looking at the photographs now, just reminds me again how much I love everything about him. The profile of his face, the character of his hands and feet, the texture of his skin, the light on his hair. I love the way his feet leave a perfect “Hang Ten” footprint in sand. I love that he’s wearing a wedding band and everything that it represents – us, together for life!!! I love the way he knows what to wear – Rock n Roller with a soft side. I love the fact that he thought my design was good enough to be permanently imprinted in ink on his body. I love his fun loving personality... his loyalty... his love... Sigh, it feels awesome to love and be loved in return…

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding bells!!!

Yes... Sarel and I are finally married!!! I am a “van Biljon”! I still need to practice my new signature and constantly need to remind myself that my surname has changed. It is a very special feeling... difficult to describe, but the thought is very cool and makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

I can’t believe the time has gone by so fast. We had an absolute blast! Our wedding day was perfect. Even though the wind almost blew us away, I realized that not even the worst snow storm could have spoiled our special day.

It’s such an overwhelming feeling to see your best friends and family all dressed up, super excited, and ready with their camera’s for our special day! Sarel and I had a real eye opening experience – thanks to our friends... true friends.

Now we are waiting in anticipation for our wedding pictures and video... I think it is going to be awesome!

Stone Stables in Darling - Nature 2

Stone Stables in Darling - Nature 1

Stone Stables in Darling - Adorable pets 3

Stone Stables in Darling - Adorable pets 2

Stone Stables in Darling - Adorable pets 1

Stone Stables in Darling

I definitely need to tell everyone I know about this amazing little cottage in Darling. I could not have picked a better place than this to get dressed for our wedding.

Just to relax here for a few days It has so much character! Marchand's (our photographer) life was made a bit easier because he didn’t have to look very far for beautiful backgrounds. His options included a rusted tin wall, an indigenous garden and a beautiful pool area.

The 2 dogs (we named them Bella and Jackie) added a very homely feel... Lovely pets, we couldn’t help but to spoil them... taking naps with us on the bed... Yes, I know, very bad of us!

Fontein Street, Darling, 7345 • 071 901 2532 • 082 889 1175 • • R600 per night / single night stays R700

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Marmalade Cat

Visit this trendy little restaurant in Darling for the best food ever - especially their Friday night pizzas! Every time we visit Darling, we just have to go here for a treat. Since our first visit, we have fallen madly in love with everything Marmalade Cat offers... Great food, good music, stunning gifts and off course... Marmalade the cat, what a lovely creature, so photogenic!


If you love camping, do yourself a favor and visit Leentjiesklip in Langebaan. It is super cheap, the beach is awesome, the water warm and the photography shots ENDLESS!!! We had a blast and will definitely go again.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


She’s not born yet, but already she has such a strong personality... No girlie girl, no pink, no frills. She loves bugs, farm animals and bright colours. With more than enough inspiration, I made her a little tooth monster – trying to keep in mind what she would like. I actually think that it’s my favorite tooth monster so far... so much ATTITUDE and bold colours! Thanks Hannah baby :) I Can’t wait to finally meet you baby girl!

Make-up trail

Carla P and I went for our make-up trail. What an awesome outing... Laughter, wine, chatting, wine, fun, ... did I mention wine? We were treated like royalty, felt like princesses and we definitely looked the part – just short of the ball gown dress and magic glass slippers… Thank you Bella and Carla K! I really didn’t feel like washing my face that evening, just wanted to be a Sleeping Beauty for one evening… I felt so vain – loving any form of reflection (including the clean surface of my kitchen counter) where I could see my (beautiful) eyes and batting lashes!

A desk with a view...

How lucky am I? At any given moment during my working day, I can peer out over vineyards and majestic mountains – even get a glimpse of the ocean on a clear day. Stellenbosch is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on earth. I am thankful.

Sleeping on the job...