Monday, October 11, 2010

A lot of "firsts"

This weekend I did a lot of things I have NEVER done before... 1. I baby sat for one of my best friends... 2. I changed a poop diaper!!! 3. I cut my friends’ fringe and it looks pretty cool! 4. I got sick on the side of the road... Stomach bug galore!!! 5. I felt the extreme urge to punch an extremely stupid guy in the face, but I didn’t do it Not like I ever will... 6. I won a game of pool, and... 7. I played one game of darts AND won!!! 

So after all of this, I feel like I am almost ready to have my own children, but the giving birth part is still something I don’t really feel like going through, especially if the cramps feel like the ones I had just before I got sick. Secondly, I am so grateful for having Sarel as my soon to be husband, because I realized (again) that there are a bunch of silly, silly, super silly guys out there... O my hat! Thirdly, I think I have a little bit of ball sense... He-he. 

Photo of Mischa watching The Little Mermaid.


  1. Babies? Ball sense? I really miss you guys.

  2. Aawh!! You are the bestest "fwend" by far!! And my little girl looks so comfy and content in the presence of her "babysitter"! Just a pity for all the chaos that happened after the "poop" nappy!