Monday, August 1, 2011


Every now and then, Sarel and I are fortunate enough to baby-sit. I say fortunate because: 1. I see it as a practice run for when we have our own children. 2. I feel honored that our friends trust us with their children. 3. We love helping friends. 4. It reminds us to appreciate the free time we still have.

I have to admit that babysitting is a bit easier than toddler-sitting. All a baby basically needs is a full tummy, a clean nappy and a cuddle or two. And the bonus with a baby is that they can’t really move much. A toddler on the other hand, is a whole different story. One is a handful, but two toddlers – obviously added a whole lot of fun and adventure! I am very proud to announce that it went extremely well. I guess it helps a lot if children have excellent parents, because excellent parents = excellent children. I just have to add... there’s nothing uglier than a naughty child.

We had lots of fun, giggles and games. Glitter and nail polish everywhere!!! The foam in the bath almost ended up against the ceiling! And we had a lot of questions... The “but why” questions are their favorites. Sarel and I had to laugh at each other because of all the creative answers... They really picked our brains... Ha ha!

Such fun!!!

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