Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The waiting game...

Even though I am 36 weeks pregnant, the whole idea of a tiny little life inside me still feels very unreal. It feels like I’m back in primary school… playing in my doll house… folding my dolls clothes, making her bed and waiting for my dad to buy the baby doll that I really love -  after all, it is my birthday soon! I feel the urge to phone someone to just kick start this whole process, and as soon as that person gives the "go ahead" I will jump up and down (o crap, I can't jump!!!) of excitement, screaming "Yay, yay, yay, freaken yay"!!! It feels so unreal… Soon I will be holding our little baby girl in my arms… sometime in this month of June… not July, not August… flipping, freaking JUNE!!! It can either be tonight, or tomorrow, or in a week or two… who knows? All I really know, as I sit here typing this post, is that time has NEVER EVER dragged this much!

A lot of things constantly run through my head… When will reality set in? Will it even set in before I give birth? When will my water break? Will it happen at work, or at home? Will it even break? How will my husband react? How will I react? Will I feel emotionally overwhelmed, or will I be calm? I do believe that "porridge brain" doesn't happen because your baby takes up all of your brainpower… No ways, it is because your mind needs to deal with so many extra questions, reactions and emotions – on top of normal life as we know it. Obviously the "filing system" gets a bit muddled up at some stage.

I wonder how many pregnant woman out there agree with me?

So how do I keep myself busy until something exiting happens? Because checking my stomach for stretch marks only keeps me busy for a few minutes… he he…

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