Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy birthday!

Sarel turned 31 yesterday! We didn’t do much because his grandmother, Ouma Lettie, was recently diagnosed with acute leukemia and our spirits are a bit down It doesn’t seem right to celebrate anything when someone you truly love and who has played a tremendous role in your life is suddenly busy dying. I don’t think anyone can comprehend the sadness he feels in his heart right now. It breaks my heart I wish I could do something to make his heart ache a bit better Cancer is such a terrible disease! Yesterday was the first day in two weeks we were allowed to hug and kiss her again. When we left the hospital I gave her a big, long hug and kissed her on her cheek. Her skin felt extremely soft, like a baby’s skin, and I wondered how many times I have left to share a moment like this with her. Life can be so hectic sometimes, so unfair So extremely ruthless! 

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