Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Friday Libré and I visited the SPCA in Stellenbosch... that was a first – oh my goodness, what an experience! 

Sad and emotionally overwhelming, but I strangely felt surrounded with love... Animal love. Obviously animals have a lot of love to share, but I guess I didn’t realize how unconditionally they share that precious love. Circumstance doesn’t determine whether they give love or not... That is the extremely sad part... Sad that there are people out there who find it so easy to abuse animals. And even though the poor little innocent bundles of love went through something horrible, their eyes are still filled with love without limit. Their eyes beg you to take them home just to be with someone they can love. 

I really felt the need to take (another!) pet home, but I know that 2 dogs, 2 cats and a budgie is enough for now. Maybe I will change my mind in a weeks time... When it comes to me and animals, you never know... He he!  

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