Monday, January 17, 2011

Welcome Back!

I should say “Welcome back” to myself. I haven’t been blogging for weeks... Yes, I’ve been a bad girl, but I needed a well deserved rest “internet free”! I didn’t really do much during my holiday - besides eating all the wrong (yummy) stuff, but hey, one shouldn’t follow a strict diet when you are on holiday? That’s just wrong! How can you not have a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth soft serve ice cream every time you visit the beach? And I didn’t take any pictures! To charge a flat camera battery can be such a mission...
So yes, I was very lazy!

I did however manage to do one creative thing this summer, and even took a picture of it! I bought cheap pumps and decorated them with ribbon and buttons. I loved every moment of creating this pair of magical slippers. It was a gift for my mother… she adores them!


  1. bokkie, these pumps are so gorgeous! baie mooi! can you make me some badges like this and send them to me? i would love to wear them on my denim jackets and dresses and tshirts. ek is life vi jou and mis vir jou. baie. X

  2. Ah Bee, thank you so much. I will definitely make you a pair of pumps! Mis jou ook baie. xxx
    (PS... Ek dink nou 'n lekker koppie tee :))

  3. i wish i could make a cup of tea with you! hehe X

  4. Maybe one day soon my bokkie xxx