Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Party time!

It was my bachelorette party on Saturday... O my goodness!!! I’ve never had such an eventful day in my whole life. It felt like I had swallowed an overdose of happy pills! I couldn’t stop myself from smiling, laughing and having the best time ever! The word “fun” can’t even describe the feeling!

Dressed-up like a sexually frustrated Playboy girl with NO make-up talent, the day started off at ArtJamming in the Willow Bridge. 11 of my friends joined me there and each one of them painted me a canvas as a pre-wedding gift. Even though each person isn’t artistic the final piece looked amazing and I can’t think of anything more appropriate for myself - I am such a sentimental freak... it means the world to me!

Afterwards we all went to Hazendal Plaasteater where the boys joined us for even more fun, drinks and (extremely) good music. The night ended a bit fuzzy, but luckily we had Sunday to recover. The next day, all I could think about was how much fun we had. I wish that every weekend could be like that... minus the headache!

Sarel and I have the best bridesmaid and best man by far! Thank you guys, we owe you BIG TIME!!!

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