Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Party party party!!!

I had a toddler – icing – jelly – fun – love overdose this weekend! We celebrated Mischa’s 1st birthday! It was extremely exhausting, but lots of fun. Even though my only job was to play photographer (and eat cake), I had to take a mid day nap after the party!

After the Saturday’s fun and excitement, I have a lot more respect for parents... Being running fit and being toddler fit are definitely two different things! How do they do it?

It was so entertaining, watching Mischa empty every single bowl of jelly over her head and destroying her birthday cake (making sure no one would want to take a bite from it).

Her birthday outfit from that day will never be the same again, but who cares?! She had a blast and that’s the most important thing!

I love you my Muis!!!

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