Friday, November 18, 2011

Now and then…

Friends need a break from each other, a wife needs a break from her husband, mothers need a break from their children… This break shouldn't be spent like the movie Hall Pass portrays. No, it's needed to recharge; to realise just how much you miss that person you spend so much time with. But also to have fun, be silly, to laugh a lot… Not to make your own bed every morning! You need this time to forget about all the irritating stuff one just can't seem to cut out of your every day life… traffic, mobile phones, alarm clocks, routines, house chores… 

I feel lucky to be able to have times like these, even if it's just a quick coffee with girlfriends. Recently me and 4 of my girlfriends went to Bonnyvale for one whole weekend! We had lots of silly fun, to much food, excellent wine, crazy laughter and very interesting conversations. It is so amazing how only a weekend away 
can refresh your mind. 

Spending some time in the countryside made me realise again that I really want to live closer to nature. Imagine your house in a gravel street, with a huge portch, a fynbos garden, a view over vineyards, or the sea (really, I will not be too fussy!!!), massive fruit trees in the backyard, 5 dogs, 5 cats, a pond with ducks… 
I can get used to this idea.

This weekend away made me realise again that friends are very special, and spending time with unpretentious, down to earth, light hearted girlfriends are even more special. Sometimes I think that meeting another girlfriend is impossible, because I already have really GREAT girlfriends. But then, on this weekend, I met jet another special woman and all I can say is: 
I feel so incredibly blessed. 

Girlfriends, thank you for an incredible time! Can't wait for our next weekend away. :)

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