Monday, December 5, 2011


I don't like jogging. Is “hate” a too strong word? Cross trainers and me were not made for each other. Spending time inside a gym really doesn’t sound like fun at all and I really don't fancy those outfits… way too tight… way too "wannabe” and way too expensive! O, and gym hygiene… just thinking about it makes me feel sick! 

Obviously, one canavoid exercising for too long (it’s not good for the butt). So, about two years ago, I started doing modern and hip-hop dancing. Never did I think that exercising could be so much fun! And the extra bonus… I met wonderful girls. Itgreat spending time with them – my weekly tonic. 

strange thing I noticed: When youre at school, its easier to be good at something. I never ever had to worry about being good enough. Now that I’m older, I find this type of dancing a bit of a challenge! I was used to ballet… and the sad part… I never wanted to do ballet, I always wanted to be a modern dancer! So nothing came naturally when I first started. I felt spastic, silly and a bit irritated with myself for not finding the moves easy. All the dancing in my room (behind closed doors) as a school girl obviously didn't pay off. And all this time, I actually thought that I was pretty damn good!

Earlier this year, we started practicing for a concert and I decided to give it my all  make it one of my bucket-list-achievements. And yes, I do believe that bucket-list-achievements can be small too. To some of the girls it might have been nothing, but for me it was hectic! So, I didn't miss one practise, memorised the song, and my steps, basically, memorised everything about it. Today I feel proud to say that Ive had the privilege to achieve my goal. It was hard work, not to mention a lot of stress! Fitting in something so important to me, between work and traffic (two of my "obstacles"). And stess like: Will I remember my steps? Am I good enough? Will I be able to do this? 

Now the big question… What should I do with my costume? Fancy dress anyone?

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