Friday, May 11, 2012

Little Lila

The name is of Arabic origin, and the meaning of Lila is  "Night", "Dark Beauty", "Beautiful".
And on a spiritual level it means "Divine Creation".
I love short names – it’s not over used and not usual.
You also get a beautiful, purple Lila flower…
Luckily my husband and I both love this name. We would have had a bit of a problem if he didn't like it as I didn't really have any other name in mind that I liked. And thank goodness for a little girl as we would have had endless problems on settling on a boy name. We have different opinions about male names. My husband feels very strong about family names, and frankly, I hate the whole idea of it. And o my goodness, being Afrikaans doesn't make it any better!!!

Everything related to this name feels very positive and beautiful which leaves me with a big smile…
Now I really can't wait to see our little princess's face!

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