Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 32…

We are in week 32!!! Eeck, week flippen 32!!! It’s insane!!! How did the time fly by so fast? On the one hand it still feels like I have loads of time and on the other hand it feels like I have too little time left. This is such a strange time to be in… I can't wait to meet our baby girl, but I also want to treasure the time I have alone with my husband.
It constantly feels like I keep ticking off on a checklist in my mind. And the list keeps getting longer and longer!!! It started with: We need a cot, car seat, pram… basically all the big things. Then it moved on to what her room will look like… (I still need to do a complete separate blog update for this one!) Then it moved to medication for babies… Yes I know, it must sound very strange, but she actually has her own little medical cupboard, and I try to focus on natural, herbal remedies. And o my goodness, no one ever told me how bad "nesting" is! I started off with washing all the curtains in the house… starting with our bedroom and ending with the living area, but by the time I got to the living area the bedroom's curtains didn't feel clean enough any more!!! And rearranging almost every single cupboard in the house!!! O, and you won't believe this one… Getting the garden nice and tidy as I won't have time to do get to it when she is born. I have to admit, the day I attempted this I felt like I was going to give birth that same evening!!! Now I focus on packing her clothing into her drawer… Newborn in the top draw and 0 – 3 months in the draws underneath it.
Hopefully I will start calming down soon!

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